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Car Custom
3D Domed Badge

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OVER 1000th kinds of CUSTOM designe !!!
OVER 1000th happy customers !!!

Use your creativity and imagination to create the badge you want
We are able to make every single CUSTOM domed badge

Car custom domed badge 01

Car custom domed badge 01

Car custom domed badge 01

Car custom domed badge 01

Car custom domed badge 01

We offer a 3D domed CUSTOM badge made from high quality resin and vinyl foil.

   Use our unique Domed Badge Creator

   You can Mix 'n' Match our products to create your very customized badge or set of badges.
   There are many colour and style combination in our Mix 'n' Match range . You can make your badge as indyvidual as you are.
   You can mix and match colors, carbons, take border or no border, mix funny logo with your custom text and many, many more.

Car custom domed badge creator

     Badges are available:
     - in any color you wish
     - in any shape you wish
     - in any size you wish
     - with any logo or symbol you wish
     - with CUSTOM text or graphic you wish

   CARBON FIBRE badge also available.
We do not print carbon for our badges, we use REAL carbon vinyl foil.

   Badge has self adhesive back and fit perfect to any DOMED and flat surface. Easy to fit and remove if required.
Flexible, scratches and waterproof.

   If your genuine car badge has been lost, stolen or damaged you can replace it by our new one.

   They are the perfect gift idea for any occasion.
We offer a variety of personalized gifts for everyone! You will love our custom badges.

   Our badges are not for the cars only. You can also create badge for your:
   - computer
   - furnitures
   - mobile
   - boat
   - home stuffs
   - pet's stuffs

   You can create your onw Custom SET of badges with the same logo or text

custom domed badge set    -bonnet & boot badge

   -wheel steering badge

   -wheel centre badges

   -wing badges



You can also:

   -send a draft, sketch of what you want your bedge to look like
   -send JPG picture of what you want your badge to look like
   -send your old (damage) genuine badge
   Please do not forget to include your contact information

     We also do CUSTOM vinyl cut graphic for cars saying anything you want.
     We produce custom badges by YOUR own idea, so if you have any idea
     for domed badge or 2D sticker let us know.

     Any questions or problems feel free to ask anytime:

     mobile: 07783713784

     home page:

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